About Legal Access Services

Joining Our Panel

Becoming a member of the Legal Access Service panel of law firms is an excellent way to grow your business.
In return for a relatively small investment of you time, your business will grow in three ways:

  1. Complex Enquiries - The majority of enquiries can easily be dealt with by an email or a simple telephone response.  Around 10-15% of enquiries will need further work either immediately or soon afterwards. Once you have provided the initial free response the potential for ongoing billable work is clear.
  2. Simple Enquiries - Even simple enquiries that do not lead to immediate work can lead to interesting and valuable work later on. Give someone an effective answer to a simple problem and you are more than likely to hear from that person again when they have more complex legal issues.
    As they say – “from acorns, oak trees grow”.
  3. Legal Will Storage - If you choose to accept 'Free On-line Legal Wills' for storage, users of this service that live in your area will be provided with your details. Signed and Witnessed Legal Wills will be posted to your law firm for storage, leading to future work for your firm at the time of execution of the Will.

Many law firms are happy to provide an initial consultation free of charge. Being part of the Legal Access Services panel means you can provide that free initial advice in a way that is efficient and cost effective.

In a fraction of the time that it would take to provide one free initial consultation you can respond to several simple enquiries and follow up on enquiries that may lead to interesting and valuable work.

Why not utilise the power of the internet to help your business grow?

If you are interested finding out about becoming a member of the Legal Access Services panel of law firms please send an email to info@legalaccess.co.nz or contact Peter Foster-Bunch on +64 2 9918 3955.